July NGDU now available

July NGDU is now available!

In the July 2021 issue, we visit the artist-inspired On30 layout of Bruce Treloar. Bruce’s eye for colour and composition shines, in the intricate structures and waterfront scenes along his layout.

Active builders will enjoy this issue’s articles on building “fine scale” industries using low-cost kits; converting a Peco van to a UK-style guards van; and can follow David Dunn’s footsteps to build a selection of farm buildings. We also cater for modellers interested in cutting-edge methods, such as our ongoing “CAD runes” covering 3-D design and printing; and introducing our new series on Arduino automation. Prototype fans will enjoy the selection of sugar cane loco tenders, and a visit to the ‘Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad’.

There’s lots to explore in the July 2021 issue!

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