March 28, 2019
by Gavin Hince
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No fooling! April NGDU is out now…

Want your models to “tell a story”? John Hunter’s evocative dioramas certainly do, and John shares his thoughts on design in the April issue. We also visit a ‘reborn’ WW1-themed layout; build a ‘family’ of simple way cars, and visit Tasmania’s amazing North East Dundas Tramway. Subscriber copies are ‘in the mail’ already, and the April issue will be in hobby shops and newsagents soon.

December 23, 2018
by Gavin Hince
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January 2019 issue out now…

We’ve just released the January 2019 issue of Narrow Gauge Downunder. If you enjoy new ideas, interesting projects and neat layouts – this issue is a holiday reading treat!

John Curry’s “Richmond Bridge” On16.5 layout evolved from a simple display into a complex layout – read how John re-invented his layout in our feature article. Then, follow along with the experts, to build a passenger coach; card goods shed; or a freelanced UK-style shunting locomotive.

Are tramways more your ‘thing’? Then enjoy our plans and step-by-step photos for scratch building the “Swanee Creek” trestle. Or enjoy Dieter Jaeger’s innovative approach to ‘free and simple’ stone walls. There’s plenty for everyone over the holiday break – get your copy soon…

A merry Xmas and best wishes for 2019, from all at NGDU.

October 1, 2018
by Gavin Hince
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No space is no excuse, with October’s issue…

Rising property prices might mean our houses are getting smaller, but there’s still room to build a narrow gauge layout if you’re imaginative!

October’s issue of NGDU features two great compact layouts – David Dunn’s “Taurus Valley Tramway” is set in the Victorian bush and features intricate detail and logging themes. Chris Fraser’s “CheapAsChips Junction” has a different feel in a similar space, with factories, industrial grime and a busy operating scheme. Both layouts show how easily narrow gauge suits for small spaces and “finescale” tastes.

To see what’s possible – and to get other great articles on fine-running mechanisms; a thatched cottage; early logging prototypes and more – see your NGDU stockist or subscribe today!

July 15, 2018
by Gavin Hince
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Great reader feedback on July’s NGDU…

Thanks to the readers who’ve provided some excellent feedback on our July edition, which featured Nicholas Kalis’ Fn3 “Oahu Sugar Company” railroad. Nicholas’ layout showcases a number of scenes in museum-style dioramas, allowing iconic scenes to be captured in the large scale.

Just a few of the comments:

“… has inspired me to move out of the doldrums that I’ve been in for some time”

“An excellent hands-on issue!”

“I enjoyed the sugar cane articles”

The July edition is out now – grab a copy to see for yourself!!


April 7, 2018
by Gavin Hince
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No fooling… April NGDU is out now

The April 2017 edition is now available. This quarter, we aim to inspire with Peter Kendall’s atmospheric HOn30 layout, “Deep Lake”. Coverage continues with Dieter Jaeger’s brilliant 1:48 sawmill; lightweight and flexible scenery with Ken Scales; and an account of a large-scale railway built by Richard Schurmann as a 1950’s schoolboy.

Plus…. a neat structure kit bash by David Dunn; more early logging technology; Qld cane unloaders and two great articles for those starting out with craftsman kits. Grab a copy today…


December 15, 2017
by Gavin Hince
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Holiday reading? We’ve got you covered…

For some great holiday inspiration, the January 2018 edition of NGDU goes into the mail in the next few days.

In this edition we visit an expansive garden-scale layout; take an innovative approach to detailing outdoors; build a useful “utility” wagon; and explore cutting-edge technology for everyday modelling. We also visit the Fyansford 3’6″ cement-hauling operation during its 1960 heyday.

Plus, more inspirational photos from the “90mm challenge”, which features modelling ideas you could achieve in a few sessions over the holidays. And if you need STILL more motivation, there’s a easy-to-build plan by noted designer Phil Shapter.

Copies should be mailed before the holiday break – look out for your copy, arriving soon…


October 2, 2017
by Gavin Hince
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October NGDU out now!

The October edition of Narrow Gauge Downunder hits mailboxes and shelves this week. This edition features “Station Street”, an atmospheric depiction of rural Victorian life on the narrow gauge.

There’s also a wide variety of projects for scratchbuilders: Peter Kendall shows how he ‘cross scaled’ a plastic tugboat into a neat 1:48 scale ferry boat; Dieter Jaeger shows how to build WSLC logging flatcars; and Ken Scales applies power tools to his sawmill project.

We’ll also visit an interesting line “Off the Beaten Track”; cover early US-based logging practices; and even a ‘wrap’ on the Denver narrow gauge convention. Grab your copy for plenty of interest and inspiration…


July 1, 2017
by Gavin Hince
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DSP&P Alpine Tunnel featured in July NGDU

George Sebastian-Coleman’s majestic “Alpine Tunnel” layout features in NGDU’s July edition. The pictorial feature shows how well George has captured the bleak uplands of the Rockies, and the struggle of tiny 3-foot gauge trains up the grades.

Readers queried how George captured the wide expanses of scenery, and he’s kindly provided a sketch plan of the layout to illustrate. This is attached below – thanks George!


July 1, 2017
by Gavin Hince
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Subscription rates and cover price update

Hi all,

A recent 5% hike in postal rates prompted us to look at NGDU’s cost structure, and we were surprised that the subscription and cover price hadn’t been adjusted since 2012. Since then, we’ve absorbed more than 50% growth in postage costs, and increases to printing.

Clearly, this isn’t sustainable. To ensure we keep the quality of NGDU high, from 1 July the cover price must increase to $15.95. Subscription & renewal rates will also be adjusted. We’re reluctant to make the change, but no product is viable without reflecting the realities of the cost to produce it!

We’re committed to keeping NGDU as a premier specialist narrow gauge publication. We hope that you’ll continue along the ride with us…

June 9, 2017
by Gavin Hince
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July edition out soon!

We’ve just received advance copies of the coming July edition of NGDU, out in the last week of June.

This issue is a ripper – last year we visited master modeller George Sebastian-Coleman’s wonderful On3 layout. George has followed the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad for many years, and his modelling captures the vast and arid scenes along the Alpine Tunnel line. Our photographic tour visited some iconic sites in 1:48 scale, including the “Palisades” rock wall, Alpine Station, Sherrod Loop and more. George has captured the ‘feel’ of the DSP&P better than anyone we know.

The new edition includes plenty more also – from simple projects like a large-scale stand-pipe; an On30 stock wagon; building boxcars in styrene and a neat solution to soldering supplies. Watch out in your mailbox or local stockist….

Issue 66 cover